Irrefragable Dreams

Irrefragable Dreams Irrefragable Dreams

Improvised duos with violinist Mari Kimura

Robert Dick - Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Flute in F, Piccolo
Mari Kimura - Violin

Random Acoustics, 1996

Product Name Price  
1 60 Minas to a Talent $0.99
2 Armiliary Sphere $0.99
3 Triskelion $0.99
4 Weet $0.99
5 Arhat $0.99
6 Prototroph $0.99
7 Go-devil $0.99
8 Archimedes' Screw $0.99
9 Ogee $0.99
Irrefragable Dreams - Complete CD $15.95
"Murmuring, trembling, stopping and smelling the perfume, then all the sudden with sharp noise from the throat, splitting up the sky...then silence and shrinking...sounds appear again in a far away place. Here, the fingers slipping on the string and the fingers tapping on the keys are united as if refections in a mirror. Restlessly running around, switching roles, as if stealing the shadow of their twin half. Before the paint is dry, the brush is carried on to the next stroke; the sound is always evolving and transforming, keeeping the twin form ambiguous. The birds singing, the clouds flowing, the metamorphosis continues forever. This game doesn't make one feel on'e bodily weight; this playful duo is the antithesis of the 'duo' in its combative meaning." - Kei-ichi Fukushima, Jazz Review, Japan
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