At the 2014 National Flute Association convention in Chicago, NFA President Beth Chandler presented the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Dick in recognition of his life's body of work that has radically expanded the very conceptions of what a flute is, how it can sound and what music flutists can play.  The award celebrates Robert's achievements as a performer, author, teacher and inventor.


I am delighted to announce the founding of the ROBERT DICK RESIDENTIAL STUDIO in New York City.  The studio is a one semester intensive course for graduate level to professional flutists interested in strengthening their musical and flutistic powers in the realms of music of the present.  While many flutists have had “exposure” to the music of our time and such extended techniques as multiphonics and circular breathing, the Robert Dick Studio is for those who wish to go into depth, developing mastery of -- and deep understanding of how to teach -- contemporary music and techniques.

Starting with redefining “fundamentals” and taking our concepts of tone and technique to new levels, we will journey through the significant flute literature of the 20th and 21st centuries and also move beyond the flute, working on improvisation and (for those who wish) composition. 

Classes will be twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, from 10am to 4pm. 

We begin on September 6 and end with a final concert on December 16.

For info and application materials, please visit:


or the FaceBook page “Robert Dick’s Studio in NYC 2015”


Glissando Headjoints® are available for sale.   Please visit  www.glissando.biz   

The Glissando Headjoint® is on FaceBook too!  https://www.facebook.com/GlissandoHeadjoint  

For info, or when you wish to order a headjoint, you can reach me directly through www.glissando.biz or by email: glissando at robertdick dot net  I will personally answer your questions! 

All Glissando Headjoints® are play tested by me before going to their new owners or to the dealers who stock them.   

Robert demonstrating the Glissando Headjoint® to students at Virginia Commonwealth University at the Richmond Flute Festival, November 2014.

NEW PUBLICATIONS -- two newly published compositions by Robert Dick are available on this site and through flute music sources everywhere.

Time is a Two-Way Street, for two flutists.  This very playable duo sets the sounds of traditional Japanese music alsong side atmospheric multiphonic tremoli.  The musical materials symbolize the title.  As the music of the past is in the present, and the music of the present becomes the music of the past, the flow of ideas, inspirations and emotions is ever multi-directional.   

Air is the Heaviest Metal, for flute soloist, is here!  For many years, I’ve been a fan of the Speed-Metal period of bands like Metallica.  And now, here is a solo flute piece that takes this music to a new and pile driving place.  Get ready for some serious multiphonic head banging!   This piece is the third in my series of solo flute works based on popular styles.  The earlier pieces are Lookout, based on 1960s and 70s rock, and Fish Are Jumping, an uptempo Chicago-style twelve bar Blues.


If you’d like to take a lesson or lessons with me from your own home, please be in touch to arrange a lesson using skype.  Skype is a free download and video calls are free!   I’ve mentored students in Europe, Asia and throughout the USA online, and I look forward to working with flutists over the globe -- in other words… YOU!!   For details, please contact me at: 

Robert at RobertDick dot net


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